Macy's Parent

Calena lives in Holdrege, NE with her husband, Andy and three children, Alec (19), Aden (16), and Isabelle (11); Isabelle is also in this production as a North Pole Elf. This is Calena’s first experience acting, and she’s very excited to be on the other side of the curtain. She has attended many Crane River shows in the past and has always enjoyed them very much. Music has always been a big part of her life. She began singing as a young girl and performed for many activities, including church events, nursing home events, school programs, and eventually she became a member of The Group in Holdrege. Currently, Calena is a worship leader for her church, Spirit of Grace Lutheran Church in Holdrege, and she is also the lead singer of a cover band called Gypsy Outlaw. She teaches 4th-grade at Holdrege Elementary and is working on her Master’s degree in instructional technology with an emphasis in library. Calena would like to thank her husband, Andy, for always supporting her in all the crazy new plans that she makes! She would like to thank the rest of her family and extended family for their encouragement and their participation as members of the audience. Also, thank you to Ashley Brock who twisted her arm into trying this musical thing!