North Pole Elf

Kaylee is a 5th grader at Kenwood Elementary in Kearney and is excited to be a part of her first Crane River Theater production. Kaylee was able to stand in as a munchkin for one night during Crane River’s production of The Wizard of Oz and has been looking forward to being an official part of a show since that time. She has been fortunate to act in small roles in her local dance company’s recitals for the last 4 years and couldn’t be more excited for Elf the Musical. Kaylee enjoys dance and music, and also plays the violin and piano. She loves to play with friends, take care of her guinea pigs and our family dog and cat, and also enjoys playing games and watching videos.  Kaylee is excited for the chance to try out musical theater and is thankful for a family that is supportive of her hobbies.