Megan's Mom

Amy is a teacher at Lighthouse Academy. When not chasing around little ones, she loves to sing, act, listen to music, go on long walks (weather permitting), and spend time with friends and family. She is a member of the Nebraska Pride Sweet Adeline Chorus, and has been involved with shows at different theatres in the area. Amy has been involved with several Crane River Theater productions, but this will be her CRT stage debut! More recently, she was involvedĀ in the chorus in Hastings Community Theatre’s production of Sweeney Todd, and played the role of Greta Ohlsson in Kearney Community Theatre’s production of Agatha Christie’sĀ Murder on the Orient Express. She would love to thank her family for supporting her theatre nerdiness and a big thank you to the audience for coming! Enjoy the show and Merry Christmas!