Master Carpenter / Master Electrician

Frankie was born in Casper, Wyoming, but is currently living in Greenville, North Carolina. She is excited to be spending the summer in Nebraska for her first season with Crane River Theater. Frankie has been involved in theater since as early as pre-school, but really fell in love with it in middle school when she started taking acting classes as an extracurricular activity. She is currently a junior at East Carolina University where she is pursuing a degree in Theater Arts with a focus in scenic design and construction. She initially wanted to major in musical theater and professional acting, but after taking her first tech class in college she fell in love with building things, and quickly changed her major. While at ECU, Frankie has been a carpenter and electrician on more than seven shows. She is also the vice president of the Design and Production Club. In the future, she hopes to go on to be a Technical Director and work with power tools for the rest of her life. Frankie is thrilled to be joining Crane River Theater as their master carpenter and master electrician for the summer.