Remington Scott Sickler (Remy, for short) is a Nebraska born mutt, more commonly known as a F1B Mini Golden Doodle. Remy was born on a farm outside of Scotia in October 2015, and was a surprise Christmas gift for his dad eight weeks later. Remy’s hobbies include playing fetch, bringing in the newspaper, begging for treats, going on walks and barking at any animal that is on the television, even animated ones. When he isn’t working with his dad at Integrity Dental Arts, he enjoys his time at the Cottonwood Retreat playing with his friends or taking naps on the back of the couch. Terry and Judi Sickler are proud of their furry son’s debut on the stage, as are his grown siblings in Lincoln and Omaha. Remy wants to give a shout out to his friends Gigi, Petey and Reggie.