The Boys Next Door is one of the most unusual…and one of the most rewarding plays in town.”

~ BackStage

“Griffin’s play hits squarely on the truth of life with its constant interplays and shadings of triumphs and tears.”

~ NY Daily News

The Boys Next Door moves the audience to an awareness of how many things in everyday life we take for granted…”

~ NY Times

The Boys Next Door

Summer 2018
UNK Miriam Drake Theatre

One of the most produced plays in America, The Boys Next Door is a compelling story of four mentally impaired men living on their own under the care of a young social worker named Jack. Norman, who works in a doughnut shop and is unable to resist the lure of the sweet pastries, takes great pride in the huge bundle of keys that dangles from his waist; Lucien has the mind of a five-year-old but imagines that he is able to read and comprehend the weighty books he lugs about; Arnold, the ringleader of the group, is a hyperactive, compulsive chatterer, who suffers from deep-seated insecurities; while Barry, a brilliant schizophrenic who is devastated by the unfeeling rejection of his father, fantasizes that he is a golf pro. Mingled with scenes from the daily lives of these four, where “little things” sometimes become momentous (and often very funny), are moments of great poignancy, where we are reminded that the handicapped, like the rest of us, want only to love and laugh and find meaning in life.

The Boys Next Door is produced in partnership with the University of Nebraska Kearney Theater.

Special support provided by the Theodore G. Baldwin Foundation and the Arram Family Foundation.



Mr. Klemper
Barry Klemper
Norman Bulansky
Lucien P. Smith
Mrs. Fremus/Mrs. Warren
Mr. Hedges/Mr. Corbin/Sen. Clarke
Arnold Wiggins
Scenic Artist
Scene Designer
Props Designer/Assistant Technical Director
Master Electrician/Carpenter
Technical Director
Stage Manager/Carpenter
Assistant Props Designer
Light Designer