“The lyrical vitality gives this show its enduring freshness. This is a show that still comes up on top every time.”
~ Mark Shenton, What’s On Stage
“Enormously enjoyable. This enchanting musical explodes like glittering fireworks. A brilliant celebration of words, music and color.”
~ Daily Telegraph
“The best kind of feel-good show, unashamed, warm-hearted and irresistible.”
~ John Peter, Sunday Times

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Merryman Performing Arts Center

Summer 2015

One of the most enduring shows of all time, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is the irresistible family musical about the trials and triumphs of Israel’s favorite son. Joseph is a boy blessed with prophetic dreams. When he is sold into slavery by his jealous brothers and taken to Egypt, Joseph endures a series of adventures in which his spirit and humanity are continually challenged. Once news of his gift to interpret dreams reaches the Pharaoh, Joseph is well on his way to becoming second in command. Eventually his brothers, having suffered greatly, unknowingly find themselves groveling at the feet of the brother they betrayed but no longer recognize. After testing their integrity, Joseph reveals himself leading to a heartfelt reconciliation of the sons of Israel. Set to an engaging assortment of musical styles, from country-western and calypso to bubble-gum pop and rock ‘n’ roll, this award-winning musical is sure to please audiences.

The Merryman Performing Arts Center, a state of the art theater that houses many professional touring productions throughout the year, will serve as the home for Crane River Theater’s summer production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. More than five million dollars was raised to create this outstanding 750-seat venue, which opened its doors in October of 2006. Crane River Theater is proud to join forces with the artistic team at the Merryman once again and for many years to come.